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Social Retail - a unique Business Model


This is definitely the MOST EXCITING time in the entire history of our Company ! 

We have  totally TRANSFORMED to become an incredible new company called  MODERE  [ pronounced  ‘Mo - dare’ ]

New Company  =  New Opportunity


EVERYTHING  we all  LOVED  about  the Legacy company,  the  AMAZING  Product Formulas,  the  ‘SAFE’  Ingredients  Mission , etc.  is  EVEN  BETTER  with  MODERE

MODERE  delivers  a  'game changing'   NEW  Business Model  that is  dramatically better  than the ‘tired old’  Network Marketing model  (it keeps some of the better parts of that model, while stepping away from the ‘dated’  or  awkward’ parts) this model has now been proven to be brilliant ! 

The original launch was just for the USA Market in  FEB  2014,   Korea in Dec 2014 ,  then Japan in April 2015  -  it  is  quite literally creating  a  Phenomenon -  Japan saw  50,000 Customers introduced just within the first 3 months !

Worldwide .. MODERE  now has well over  1 million  NEW  Customers 

Australia  launched in Sep 2015 ... and over 110,000 brand new Customers  have been  introduced


  • For the Video info, How To Shop &  MUCH  MORE -  CLICK  HERE
  • For brilliant 'Live' Presentations on Video, from Sydney Launch & more  -  CLICK  HERE

Hopefully, you received our  original 2015 emails  (from: &  found some time to view the  exciting, upbeat & informative  Explanation Video  that was headlined in those emails ? 

If not ... you can still  view an  edited video  at the bottom  (NB some aspects are now  'dated'  as this was a  pre-launch explanation)

Be sure to explore the wealth of info in the MODERE  Shifting Retail  website - Social Marketers can Log In using current Modere Log In - or - your previous  NOL  details.   Checkout these areas -  Tools, Training & Resources

Here are just a few great  downloads from the Shifting Retail site under Resources:


MODERE Overview

MODERE Quick Start Manual


MODERE Application Form

MODERE Social Marketer Order Form

Some Very Useful Tips

Send a Customer Invitation Online

MODERE  Why 2 Websites

Aussie  MODERE  Video

Click Here  for excellent  3 min Video

Welcome to Modere clip

Click Here  for original Andy Kirss Welcome video

MODERE Legacy company Product Names List

EXPLANATION VIDEO re:  Legacy company transforming to MODERE


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